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Welcome to AP Rottweiler's we started our kennel from a well known breeder Stoney Creek Rottweilers. We selected Stoney Creek Rottweilers because we wanted to breed the best Rottweilers available here in Hawaii. Stoney Creek Rottweilers has many canine business relationships with top breeders here in the USA and in Europe. Best of all Stoney Creek Rottweilers has been in business selling Rottweilers for over twenty years.  
AP Rottweiler Males and Females are a German working line Rottweiler. Our Rottweiler puppies are breed for families  as well as for show and our Males and Females are from the world's best Rottweiler import bloodlines.

We want the best quality Rottweiler's and to continue in that tradition we research locals markets, talk to breeder's, owner's and obedience training clubs here in Hawaii to see what is available. October 2011 we purchased stud stock from Redwood Krest to try to give Hawaii the best available Rottweiler's. June 2013 we entered into a purchase agreement for Diva 'Tough' Crobreed from Adocris Rotts a local breeder here in the Hawaiian Islands.   
Each year we move forward with passion, knowledge and a sincere desire to be a positive influence for the Rottweiler. Not only are we very proud of what we have accomplished but also that we have a chance to make an exciting contributions to other Rottweiler breeding programs as well as pet owners. We are grateful for the unique experiences and new friendships that our dogs bring to us daily.

As we mentioned the Rottweilers shown below represent dogs we have chosen to use in our breeding program and bloodlines that represent true dedication, passion, and hope for the future of the working Rottweiler.

"Show Quality"
A dog that is show quality is a dog that does not have any disqualifying faults when sold as a puppy. In the case of the Rottweiler a disqualifying fault could be a solid black dog, or a dog with a base coat that is any color but black. A show quality dog is as close to the AKC Standard as breeders can get. Remember even though you select the cutest puppy in the litter it may grow into a so-so adult.  

How Much Will My Rottweiler puppy Cost? Norm
ally Champion Bloodline Rottweiler puppies  cost $2000 $2500 $3000 see bloodline.

The dogs shown in Total Rottweiler Magazine show case our bloodlines rich heritage. Many of the current Ch.bloodlines come from Europe's Best Kennels and have received titles and recognition from top dog shows and events. I recommend those that want to learn more about  The Working Rottweiler.  Press on the copy to download The Total Rottweiler Magazine.

Here on Oahu Hawaii we recommend AKC obedience 
training OTCH Hawaii  if you purchase a puppy from us please register with the Obedience Training Club Of Hawaii.

This advertisement for Total Rottweiler Magazine has some of the same Ch. bloodlines here at A.P. Rottweilers