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If you haven't seen our welcome video check it out! It's highlights some of the Great Rottweilers of our time.

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Welcome Video

Okina Od Dragicevica our New Female
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Champions in AP Rottweiler's Bloodline
Welcome to AP Rottweiler's we started our kennel from a well known breeder Stoney Creek Rottweilers. We selected Stoney Creek Rottweilers because we wanted to breed the best Rottweilers available here in Hawaii. Stoney Creek Rottweilers has many canine business relationships with top breeders here in the USA and in Europe. Best of all Stoney Creek Rottweilers has been in business selling Rottweilers for over twenty years.  
AP Rottweiler Males and Females are a German working line Rottweiler. Our Rottweiler puppies are breed for families  as well as for show and our Males and Females are from the world's best Rottweiler import bloodlines.

We want the best quality Rottweiler's and to continue in that tradition we research locals markets, talk to breeder's, owner's and obedience training clubs here in Hawaii to see what is available. October 2011 we purchased stud stock from Redwood Krest to try to give Hawaii the best available Rottweiler's. June 2013 we entered into a purchase agreement for Diva 'Tough' Crobreed from Adocris Rotts a local breeder here in the Hawaiian Islands.   
Each year we move forward with passion, knowledge and a sincere desire to be a positive influence for the Rottweiler. Not only are we very proud of what we have accomplished but also that we have a chance to make an exciting contributions to other Rottweiler breeding programs as well as pet owners. We are grateful for the unique experiences and new friendships that our dogs bring to us daily.

As we mentioned the Rottweilers shown below represent dogs we have chosen to use in our breeding program and bloodlines that represent true dedication, passion, and hope for the future of the working Rottweiler.

"Show Quality"
A dog that is show quality is a dog that does not have any disqualifying faults when sold as a puppy. In the case of the Rottweiler a disqualifying fault could be a solid black dog, or a dog with a base coat that is any color but black. A show quality dog is as close to the AKC Standard as breeders can get. Remember even though you select the cutest puppy in the litter it may grow into a so-so adult.  

How Much Will My Rottweiler puppy Cost? Norm
ally Champion Bloodline Rottweiler puppies  cost $2000 $2500 $3000 see bloodline. AP Rottweiler puppies $1700 to $1800

The dogs shown in Total Rottweiler Magazine show case our bloodlines rich heritage. Many of the current Ch.bloodlines come from Europe's Best Kennels and have received titles and recognition from top dog shows and events. I recommend those that want to learn more about  The Working Rottweiler.  Press on the copy to download The Total Rottweiler Magazine.

Here on Oahu Hawaii we recommend AKC obedience 
training OTCH Hawaii if you purchase a puppy from us please register with the AKC and the Obedience Training Club Of Hawaii.

This advertisement for Total Rottweiler Magazine has some of the same Ch. bloodlines here at A.P. Rottweilers


Our price for a companion puppy or show quality Rottweiler  puppies are $1700.00 and $1800.00 and we have three different adult females to choose from and on occasion we sell a puppy for $1500.00 however this reflects a sale.

Should you decide you can not keep your puppy due to relocation, military deployment or some other reasons please return it to us and we'll try to find a home for the puppy/dog. We invest a lot of time and money into everyone of our puppies and our main goal is to find a good home for our puppies. Our puppies are given everything they need to have a well balance start. Health records to include tail and declaws removed, shots against disease, worm pills, flea, tick, mite shampoo, microchip, family socialization and health guarantee.


Like most things in life you get what you pay for so we believe it's no different in choosing a quality pet that will become part of the family. We give a lot of care, training and attention to our Top German Rottweiler's of which I am fortunate to own in our kennel.

Although, you can purchase a Rottweiler for five hundred dollars unfortunately however the quality of a Rottweiler is also important considering the hidden cost of poor quality Rottweiler. Which can be high particularly if defects are not detected (over bit) etc... For a breeder a poor quality Rottweiler can mean loss of customers and future sales.  Quality issues or a disqualifying fault looses valuable customers and customer service. However we are not liable for any incident that might occur with this puppy as it becomes an adult as a new owner you must develop their Temperment. It is the new owner's responsibility to start training your puppy with audio CD's, DVD's, books or a training instructor or club as soon as you receive your male/female puppy.

Check with your local AKC obedience club or an obedience trainer on Oahu the website is OTCH dog obedience for enrollment and training start times.

That's why our prices reflect the highest of quality in their bloodlines (type, condition, build, movement, intelligence, show/working/companion) these are the fundamental reasons because their parents and grandparent are champions in the breed and our puppies/dogs have their genealogy. See bloodline.

$1800.00 plus shipping to U.S. Mainlan

AP Rottweiler’s Akio Vom Kummelsee (Akio) – Jan 18-April 12, 2010

Proud Owner & Trainer: Alex Parker

Owner Information

Sire: CH Lewis Vom Kummelsee (Europe Import) - Dam: Zafira King of East

Born: February 22, 2009

Akio Vom Kummelsee 

Profile for Akio Vom Kummelsee
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Akio Vom Kummelsee also placed at the Thomas Square Park Licensed Obedience Trials April 18, 2010

Advanced from Aiea Field 25 entries

Advanced from Aiea Field 2nd round 10 entries

Advanced to Thomas Square 10 entries from Aiea, Crane Park, Kamaula, Kailua took 2nd place finish

Act of Valor: Akio Vom Kummelsee looks like The true German Rottweiler used in War World II. His act of Valor is in his ability to track and retrieve and rescue. On December 5, 2014 he tracked on command and searched and retrieved valuable property that was lost to his owner.  Akio v. Kummelsee acted on command tracked where I losted the property he then recovered the property approximately 100 feet away and the other item a few blocks away. Akio Vom Kummelsee act of valor is a tribute to his tracking skills he has practiced for years. 



                    AP Rottweiler's Hiro Od Dragicevica (Hiro)- October 30, 2010

Proud Owner & Trainer: Alex Parker

Owner Information

Sire: CH Vento Od Dragicevica(Europe Import)- Dam: Mona Vom Zollerblick

                                                Born: December 22, 2009 (October 30, 2010)

Hiro Od Dragicevica
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Hiro Od Dragicevica also placed at the Thomas Square Park Licensed Obedience Trials October 30, 2010

Advanced from Kamamalu Park 25 entries

Advanced to a run-off at Kamamalu Park 2nd place finish

Advanced to Thomas Square 10 entries from Aiea, Crane Park, Kamaula, Kailua



AP Rottweiler’s Armina Von Ivan Hause (Armina) – April 17, 2010

Proud Owner & Trainer: Alex Parker

Owner Information

Sire: CH Enzo Von Ivan Haus (Europe Import) -Dam: Yvonn Von Der Frankentanne

Born: Febraury 27, 2009 (April 18, 2010)


Armina Von Ivan Hause
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Armina Von Ivan Haus also placed at the Thomas Square Park Licensed Obedience Trials April 18, 2010

Advanced from Aiea Field 25 entries

Advanced from Aiea Field 2nd round 10 entries

Advanced to Thomas Square 10 entries from Aiea, Crane Park, Kamaula, Kailua took 4th place finish



AP Rottweiler’s Hoshi Von Der Teufelsbrucke (Hoshi) – April 16, 2011

Proud Owner & Trainer: Alex Parker

Owner Information

Sire: V2 Axo Von Der Teufelsbrucke (Europe Import) - Dam: Zora Od Dragicevica

Born: Febraury 18, 2010 (April 16, 2011)


HOSHI Von Der Teufelsbrucke
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OTCH Novice award Certificate

Finished from a field of 25 entries at Kamamalu Park to receive her novice training award.

C.D. is Companion Dog award that the AKC offers at an open class competition

All rights reserved 

Diva From AdoCris Rotts 

HITOMI Crobreed
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See bloodline

Diva's Registration Owner Information.pdf

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